Free UK Delivery (2-3 Working Days) & 12 Months Warranty

Tech Outlet Warranty

All of our non-clearance products come with a 12 month warranty.  This means if your product develops a fault within the first 12 months after delivery you can return it to us and we will repair it at no cost to you or replace it if repair is not possible.

The warranty does not cover accidental nor physical damage, for example if liquid is spilt on a laptop or it was dropped or damaged then a repair would not be covered by the warranty.

Laptop batteries are covered for 90 days, we do ensure they are of excellent health at the time of sale. As they are a consumable item there may be a point in the future where you may choose or need to replace it, we warrant that the battery will operate as it should for at least 90 days.

You can help to keep your laptop battery in good shape by ensuring you are using it as intended.  You can read the advice given by Microsoft here: Keep your laptop battery healthy 

The buyer is always responsible for the safe return of the product to us, and once repaired we would pay for its return to you.

Some of the laptops we sell may show manufacturer warranty remaining when checked against the serial number.  Regardless of any date showing relating to a manufacturer warranty, our warranty is limited to 12 months from the date of first delivery.  We are unable to guarantee the validity of any warranty beyond our liability of the first 12 months - any warranty beyond this date is with the manufacturer and any claim for warranty repairs is with them directly.  

In addition to the above, we use industry standard warranty terms which means you are not covered for:

  • Repair costs caused by external factors such as computer viruses, faulty software, failed updates, fire, theft, and weather (including lightning damage).
  • Pixel spots. These are tiny dark or bright spots that may become visible on a screen over time.
  • Consumables such as batteries, ink cartridges, storage media, fuses, etc.
  • Data loss.
  • Problems arising from updates from either the manufacturer or any associated operating system provider.
  • Cosmetic damage such as trim, scratches, dents, corrosion or colour where the primary function of the product is unaffected.
  • Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the product, or any loss over and above the purchase price of the original item.
  • Servicing, inspecting or cleaning of the product, and failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and/or installation guidelines.
  • Failure to maintain your product. eg. ensuring air vents are kept clear.
  • Deliberate damage or neglect of the product.

We are always happy to help with any issues whether under waranty terms or not, if you experience any problem then please do get in touch.