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Refurbished & Upgraded Acer Nitro Desktop Gaming PC Ryzen 5 3500U 24GB RAM 256GB NVME SSD & 1TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce 1050 Ti 4GB Windows 11

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This desktop gaming PC has a specification that is ready to tackle most gaming experiences at decent settings.  Of course, if you want to play the very latest titles you will need to tweak the settings down a bit, but it is a very capable setup, especially with the upgrades we have installed. 

We have stripped down this PC and it has been thoroughly cleaned before being rebuilt and thoroughly tested.  We have applied new Arctic Thermal Paste to both the graphics card and the processor, it runs quietly and without overheating.  

Aside from gaming, it is of course more than capable for all of your home computing needs - it has been fully updated and is ready for immediate use. 

Fast and powerful Ryzen 5 3500U hexa-core processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 Ti 4GB Graphics Card, 256GB NVME SSD (operating system drive) and a 1TB HDD, 24GB of fast DDR4 RAM and Windows 11 Home. 

Plenty of connectivity options giving you the choice of monitor hook-up whether single or multi-screen - 1x DisplayPort, 3x HDMI & 1x DVI.

We have performed a fresh install of the latest version of Windows 11, downloaded and installed all available updates including the latest Windows 11 version, so it is ready for immediate use.  Power it on, connect to your internet and that's it, everything set up for you.

Of course, the more modern gaming machines are more capable but for this money you will be hard pressed to find anything better.  The dual drive setup makes booting up a very quick process (under 15 seconds in to useable Windows) and the extra RAM really comes in to its own when shared with the dedicated memory of the card.  The card benefits from a total of 16GB of graphic processing RAM (4GB dedicated and 12GB shared from the system RAM).

With the right settings, you can easily achieve over 100fps for plenty of recent titles, even upto 180fps if you run games in performance mode.

As with all gaming PCs, you would need a gaming monitor to achieve anything over 60fps as most standard monitors have a refresh rate of 60hz which limits them all to 60fps.  If you are looking for a gaming PC for Full HD gaming on a standard monitor then this it is great setup, it would perform very well with a 120hz or 144hz monitor too.


You can see gameplay from lots of different titles with this card via the following YouTube video -


You can see this card running the latest version of Fortnite with varying FPS from 40 to 200fps depening on the settings - probably best to aim for 60 to 100fps for the best playing experience with most games.

Model Number:  Acer Nitro N50-110 (N50-110_W)

AMD Ryzen 5 3500U Hexa-Core Processor
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Dedicated Graphics
256GB NVME SSD (operating system drive)
1TB HDD Storage/Data Drive
24GB DDR4 RAM (3200mHz, runs at 2933 dual channel)
Wired Ethernet Port
Built-In WIFI & Bluetooth
1x DisplayPort
1x DVI
1x USB C
4x USB 3
2x USB 2
SD Card Reader
Headset & Speaker Ports
Windows 11 Home

This PC has WIFI, Bluetooth & Wired Ethernet (RJ45) built-in.
The RAM is setup up in dual channel mode for maximum performance, the modules are all 3200mhz, currently running at 2933mhz.  2x 8GB and 2x 4GB.

Please note: This desktop PC does not come with a keyboard or mouse.  Desktop PC and power cable only.